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AA Software Networking Inc. (AA Soft Net) is a technology solutions company that specializes in providing a range of services, including application development, cloud hosting and migration, staff augmentation, and e-commerce applications. With years of experience in the industry, AA Soft Net has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses looking to leverage technology to achieve their goals.

The company takes a client-centered approach to every project, ensuring that they understand the specific needs and goals of their clients before developing a customized solution. This approach allows AA Soft Net to deliver solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of each client, resulting in solutions that are efficient, effective, and reliable.


Our Services

Application Development

Innovate and gain a competitive edge with our low-risk software solutions. We help enterprises unlock digital transformation through development accelerators. By creating customized apps

Cloud Enablement

Successfully transition to cloud without impacting your business. Our Cloud Architects create migration strategies for optimal cloud resource provisioning with secure services

E-Commerce Application

Maximize your e-commerce success with our complete portfolio of solutions. From strategy to support, we offer design, implementation, customization, integration, and hosting services.


Efficiently scale development with our offshore technology experts. Cut costs and focus on development without recruitment expenses or communication barriers.
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Our Approach

Qualified Team

We excel in most of the current & emerging technologies. With strong technical expertise coupled with excellent analytical skills, To create world-class solutions for you.

Diligent Work

Development cycles with clearly defined processes & with flexible agile methodology to ensure right outcomes every time. We made agility as our DNA and we say ‘agility@core to get IT done’

Satisfied Customers

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our undivided attention and our invaluableend-to-end product development and support services keep making our satisfied customers list bigger.


Clients Who
Trust Us

A unique opportunity to work for a fast-growing, professional software services company with a global reach.

Benifits of AA Soft Net

AASOFT is a growing professional services company, providing consulting and outsourcing services through our strategy, technology and operations capabilities. We help organizations maximize their performance and achieve their vision. We develop and implement technology solutions to improve our clients’ productivity and efficiency. We harnesses the power of technology to drive innovation, deliver cutting-edge solutions and increase productivity.

  • End to End Product Development
  • Onsite and Offshore Capabilities
  • Extensive Technological Expertise
  • Predictable Outcomes
  • Captive Building Experience
  • Proven Success Stories
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